Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park – Butler County, Ohio

Here are some pictures of this beautiful sculpture park just southwest of Hamilton, Ohio.  I visited the park while participating in the 2017 ARDF US Championship.  It was one of our practice venues for the week long event. Click on the pictures below for larger images.

Park Entrance
Entry Sculpture
Made from tires!
Marker – Shhh by Booker








Ready for the frame?
Stonehenge in Ohio?
Tomb figure
Study in blue?
Portal or Port hole?
Seating 1
Seating 2
Heavy Metal?
Former Residence and Donor’s patio 1
Former Residence and Donor’s patio 2
Pyramid with a View
Inside 1
Inside 2
Seating 3
More Sculptures 1
More Sculptures 2
More Sculptures 3
More Sculptures 4

Visit their website.