Williamson Adena Mound – Cedarville, Ohio

Here is another Adena mound that I visited while attending the Amateur Radio Hamvention in Xenia in 2017.  It is located off of U.S. Route 42 just west of Cedarville, Ohio. (full address: 2750 U.S. Route 42, Cedarville, Ohio). It is part of the Greene County Parks and Trails system and the same park has some other interesting features that I will report about in another post.

The park brochure states that this large and tall mound is believed to be a memorial to or a lookout for an ancient Adena community.  Perhaps greater than 30 feet high and 144 feet in diameter, the mound is located in an open meadow area.  It takes about ten  minutes to walk to the mound from the parking area with the Log House directly adjacent to Route 42.  A plaque  by the mounds references the “first Ohioans who sleep within”, so at least someone, at one time, thought it was a burial mound (see picture below).

I easily walked all the way around the mound to see it from all sides.  I refrained from walking on top of it, out of respect of those who might be buried within. (Click on images below for a larger view.)

Williamson Mound Park road sign

Log House on U.S. Route 42

Trail sign on way to Williamson Mound

Rock outcropping on the way to Williamson Mound

Williamson Mound

Plaque near Williamson Mound

View of Williamson Mound from trail

Field Day 2017

Loop Antenna, Tent, and Solar panel
Loop Antenna, Tent, and Solar panel

Rig was Yaesu FT-817 running 5 watts with NUE-PSK Modem.  12v power supplied by Duracell Powerpack 600 with a 30W solar panel charging the unit.  Antenna was Loop on a portable 10 meter high fiberglass composite mast.  The loop antenna and mast was manufactured in Germany by Walter Spieth (DK9SQ). Its official name: SQ Loop and Fiberglas Teleskop Tower.   The antenna tuner was a QRP 15 watt maximum Z match / transmatch sold as a kit: Emtech ZM-2.

Field Day - Tent and Solar panel
Tent and Solar panel

Field Day - Rig and Power setup
Rig and Power setup

Field Day - Loop Antenna
Loop Antenna